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Here are a few common questions that we get asked... and answers to those questions...

Q. Can I edit my website myself? or directly upload photos?

A. No. We take the security of our client’s websites very seriously and we do not want any accidental mistakes to jeopardise the integrity of the website.

We're experts at making business websites that communicate clearly. While adding content to your site, we take care performing optimisation (SEO), quality checks (spelling, grammar, size etc) and regulatory conformance. There are a lot of things a general business owner shouldn't need to worry about just to be seen online... so let's work together.

Q. What changes can be made and how much will it cost to make these changes?

A. For small changes to your website content, new pictures etc, you can make changes once a month. Send an email to support@minnisites.com with the photos, updates or news and we will then make the changes free of charge.

For changes to your contact details or personal information, send them through at any time as often as you need to, and we will update these ASAP at no charge.

Q. What if I want to add more pages or create more content?

A. If you need us to write content from scratch, create new images or find photos, we charge a price that is based on the time it will take us... good thing we're quick and will give you a fixed estimate.

Please send us a description of the new pages/content you want made and we will send you the price. Generally, the more content you supply us with, the cheaper and faster it is (quality content that is relevant to your business is vital for the sites referral rate, if that is important to you).

Q. Can I have a video on my site?

A. Yes, sure thing! We support videos and audio playback. Send us a copy of your video, speech or other audio and we'll take care of the rest; just tell us where to put it on your site.

Q. Can I use my own domain?

A. Yes. To use your own domain with your new website, following instructions:

  • Point your "www.your-domain-name.com" to "sites.minnisites.com" (We recommend using a 'www' subdomain and CNAME DNS record).

If you do not manage the domain yourself, you may need to send your domain provider/IT people etc.

Q. Do I get a business email with my website?

A. No, we specialise in websites and do not provide emails. We do however have a partner who manages emails and would be happy to help you.

Q. Can I sell products though my website?

A. We do not have a commerce or shopping cart option but we can link various payment platforms from your website, such as PayPal or Paystack (but you will need to choose and set-up the payment account which best suits your business etc). You could make a page/galleries with photos and descriptions of each product and then customers could pay using the link to which ever payment platform your business has selected and organised to process your payments.

Alternatively, there are many e-commerce websites available online. For some suggestions, click here.